Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Let them eat Pie!

The other day I was eating cheese & apples and thought I'd really love to make this duo into a pie. So I experimented with a few different combinations and made several mini pies to test out some flavor blends. 

I also made an almost vegan coconut ice cream using coconut milk and evaporated milk. It was ok, but next time I will use a full fat coconut cream instead of lite coconut milk. It just didn't firm & freeze quite like I wanted it to. Next Time!

The winner: Rustic Cheddar-Gruyere Melange Apple Pie so good. buttery crust with the sharp, melty cheese on the bottom and then the apples & spices on top- yep!


Bekah Joy said...

Anna- I am so happy to have met someone who is obsessed with coconut like I am.

Paige said...

Gorgeous images.

Anonymous said...

Recipes please!

TheEastWestern said...

You always take the best food pictures. Making me hungry at work!