Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ginger Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

Sometimes when I make stuff up it's horrible, but this might be my most successful chili creation. I'll try to recreate the directions for you. Oh and Isabel ate 3 bowls. (so good)

half a chopped yellow onion
Lean ground turkey
1-2 sweet potatoes (chopped in smallish cubes)
1 can of corn
1.5 cans of chili pinto beans (in chili sauce is good)
chili powder
dry herd blend
cayenne pepper
thai sweet chili sauce
light coconut milk
1 beer of choice (or white wine)

herbs: cilantro OR flat-leaf italian parsley
mixed greens
your favorite corn chip

** If you take out the turkey this would be entirely vegan.

Start with cut fresh ginger in a little bit of oil. Add yellow onion, lean ground turkey meat and brown meat a few minutes. Add sweet potatoes and a can of light coconut milk. Add pinto beans (the kind that's in chili sauce add nice flavor), corn, and seasonings. Add maybe 3 tablespoons of sweet thai chili sauce and half the beer.

Simmer on low for a while and if you need to add a little water (or chicken stock) go ahead. Simmer for 1-2 hours or however long you have making sure there's still liquid in there and add the rest of the beer at the end let cook a few minutes for a nice rich kick before you serve it.

Again, I just play when I cook, adding a little more of this, etc... until it's right. I actually didn't have any stock so I subbed for coconut milk and it was so good! (but it was the thin kind that comes in a box, not the thick creamy kind).

I hope you can create something just as delicious! Enjoy!

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