Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Home Tour: Bedroom

Finally debuting this series means a lot to me, in essence it was originally the point of this blog... my life of projects, living inspired and in color... and my home has been the biggest project of them all.

When we purchased this house I had grand visions of what to do with it. My mom is a designer, so it is natural for me to rearrange rooms every time I need a change. There have been many days I had 14 colors of paint, re-painted and rearranged and collapsed only to call my mom to have her talk me through my design options. (you know, typical important meltdowns) So none of this is possible without her.

But I have something to say about this that might seem shallow, but it's not. I believe in Design, passionately. I believe in the power of color and the rhythm of a room and it's affect on our psychological-physical-spiritual lives.

Ok, before you think I'm nuts, let me explain. I was lucky in college to live with 2 interior architects. One of my dear friends, who is getting her thousanth degree in Israel right now ;) so proud of her and has spent her time designing hospitals in Africa, and learning green resourcing for better energy and I don't even know what else etc... her and I used to have these conversations I will never forget.

There was a season I couldn't sleep, I had lots of different "seasons" during University days, but my housemate Callie, suggested I rearrange my room. She told me the position of the bed, that was between two doorways, two places of traffic, could be bringing anxiety to me instead of rest, because subconsciously the things you see before you fall asleep, and the comfort of the layout of your atmosphere affect your ability to find rest easier. So we re-organized my room. I don't remember if I slept any better, but what my dear friend Callie did for me, is taught me how to see. That good design is thoughtful, it's careful and it's important. and I believe can even be life-changing.

I could probably preach a sermon on the power of design, I've been studying it, writing about it personally and practicing it (sometimes) for a long time.  one day a little book might just pop out about all this. But the one thing I believe is creating an inviting atmosphere is in itself an invitation... to people, to warmth, to home, to God... to say, "you are welcome here." 

Ok, back to the subject, my bedroom. 

The concept for this room came from it's natural surroundings. The room is tiny, but we have this large  glass window that gives you a full view of the trees in the wooded area behind us. That window is why I bought this house. (well one of the reasons) 

My husband and I talked about living in one of those modern tree houses before, and the child in me kind of pretends we live in a tree house in this room, so I literally used that as my inspiration, thus; green, tree paintings, tree bedspread, natural light wood colors, simple, airy, bright.

Every Tuesday when I send my daughter off to school at 7:30 with her daddy, I sneak back into bed and sit and stare into the trees for hours. It's probably my favorite personal ritual. Some days I go back to sleep but don't tell anyone.

So here it is, the beginning of the tour: my bedroom.

Tomorrow you have to see the before and after photos of this room! I will share my personal design tricks and thoughts too, so come on back.


Faith said...

I am SO excited about this for so many reasons:

1. I love your style and have always looked to your sense of design for inspiration.
2. I'm desperate to get our house feeling more fresh and inviting and finished. It's a rental, so I can't do loads, but I can definitely add some personal touches, and hopefully I'll get some ideas from you!
3. I like that it's taken you years to do this. I'm sure you haven't liked that, but it's inspiring to me to know that it can be a slow project, a day-by-day process.

Thanks Anna! Can't wait for the rest.

Elizabeth Braswell said...

Love the green...we are getting ready to paint a house up in the mountains and I want to bring the outdoors in...what color is the green that you chose??

Elizabeth Braswell said...

Love the green!! We are about to move to the mountains and have a whole house to paint!! Exciting! Want to bring the outdoors in. What is the color of green that you chose?

Mary Ellen Skye said...

so neat! and love this idea!!

Charis Hill said...

oh yay! i am so excited for this! so so good.

Jillian said...

It is so easy to be talked into the idea that design/art/beauty is fluff and the extra stuff. And sometimes it can be excessive and unneeded (which is similar to anything that is not done in a balanced fashion) BUT--I wish people could see it in the light that you are talking about. It is hard to find like minded people on the issue that support the idea that the beauty and design of life can bring you closer to God.

I love the thought that God is not a God of confusion, and he is the creator of all things beautiful---so in a way designing and creating art is imitating the ultimate creator. truth!

And so comforting at that.

anna naphtali said...

Jillian, yeah girl, where do you live? let's hang out!

Kristina said...

In one of my favorite books, "Christy," ms. Alice, a missionary in the midst of the poverty of Appalachia purposefully creates a beautiful home with huge windows, thoughtfully decorated with the native crafts. She says she wanted her home to be a place full of light and color, to act as a refuge for the women who lead such bleak, unforgiving lives. There is a scene in the book where she has the women over for tea and she serves them on her finest china. The women cradle their cups with their calloused hands like they are holding treasure. Without fail, this scene makes me cry every time. If I'm ever a missionary I want to be like ms. Alice. ;) we were created for beauty.

anna naphtali said...

Kristina!!! perfect. i love love love this.

Kara said...

This is so lovely. Your house is so beautiful!

I totally agree with your philosophy about design. Once we painted our living/dining room that bright, cheery light blue color I love so much, I immediately felt happier.

adschweda said...

I completely agree with you Anna! After studying design in college, I can never look at any space the same. The color, arrangement and light all work together to either make you feel welcome and comfortable or edgy and irritated... I know because that's what I feel everytime I walk into Walmart. Edgy and irritated! Lol
I love your post :) keep up the great work!
Love you!

anna naphtali said...

Elizabeth... I'll have to check it was a few years ago and I remember trying so many greens! I'll see if I can find it! I remember going for something between a jalepeno & avocado green.

Callie M said...

This is beautiful, Anna. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. It blessed me more than you know. I loved living with you! x.

Laci Hill said...

"But the one thing I believe is creating an inviting atmosphere is in itself an invitation... to people, to warmth, to home, to God... to say, "you are welcome here." " -I love this. I totally agree and I love your way! You could totally expand on this and teach it somewhere! I mean, why not? God is such a designer. This is not even remotely foreign to him. :)