Monday, February 13, 2012

My Kind of Valentine Candy, Cards & Flowers

Have you ever splurged on something completely random? This is not my usual tendency, especially when it comes to online treats, but one day I was reading a blog about Big Picture Farms Goat's milk caramels.... and I COULDN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD. So I ordered a pack on a whim. And preceded to eat the entire box in two days (in my car). that was having self control and I didn't share!

So if I could re-do the traditional Valentines gift, this is what it would look like! Please, please dear boyfriends, stop getting girls overpriced, long stemmed roses with baby's breath for Valentines day! There are so many other beautiful, affordable options!

And I'd prefer a home made card too... I just love to look at anything Rifle Paper co.

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