Monday, February 20, 2012

On the Road...

Well it's that time... time to hit the road. I am so thankful, with what I do means sometimes road trips, plane rides and new cities.  Along side of my current business, I'm working with Yahoo! in the next few months thanks to Mrs. Clark on a new project. I will be photographing in several different cities starting this week... Which means... it's me, my camera and the road. And for some reason this is the year for shooting abroad... which is exciting... and means I need a traveling nanny?

Here are a few locations & trips secured for this year... If I'm in your area and you wanna do a shoot or meet... give me a holla! More to come... and I'm sure this summer you can go ahead and sprinkle Charleston in there every few weeks. Aren't you so ready for baby bikini's, sun and sand? I'm over this confusing winter! 

Myrtle Beach, SC
Atlanta, GA
Serenbe Palmetto, GA
Columbia, SC
St. Johns Island
TBA (warm & sunny)
Hilton Head Island
California!! (TBA)
Carolina Beach, NC
Abington, Virginia
Hartford, Connecticut
Los Angeles, CA
Vancouver, Canada
Whistler, British Columbia
New York, Manhattan 
Charleston, SC
New York, Staton Island 

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This week I'll be at the beach shooting for Yahoo, and then... I'll be in Georgia, doing something spectacular. (I'll tell you all about it tomorrow) And I'll still be here... just blogging from over there.


Jess Gatlyn said...

yeah baby!!!! because you're amazing. <3 i can't wait to see all your adventures!!!!

Angel said...

Congratulations on such an amazing opportunity! I am an amazing Nanny :-) and willing to travel!

Lorni said...

So awesome lady!! What an exciting summer! I'm willing to bring my baby and I'll be your traveling nanny!

Julie Watson said...

how fun! sounds like a dream

Kristina said...

Anna! This is so exciting! How are you such a rockstar? 💗💗

anna naphtali said...

thanks everyone! I'm very excited.