Monday, February 25, 2013

Hey, I poached an egg!

I've always loved poached eggs, fluffy and creamy, especially with hollandaise. So I decided one day to give myself a chance to do it. There were a few terribly gross mishaps... if you've never tried to poach and egg, if it doesn't work out, it can look like a rather disturbing mess.

I researched before my egg performance and decided to go with Smitten Kitchen's method. I served this over a gruyere encrusted black bean cake with wilted kale, fresh sliced avocados and tomatoes and Sriracha always. 

The black bean cake was made with shaved sweet potatoes, egg, bread crumbs, mashed black beans, and fresh herbs, poured over a bed of melting cheese in a hot oiled pan. I'll have to perfect this recipe before I share it... as usual it was a quick experiment. Often when I want to make something, I just google or look up my favorite food sites for recipes and combine and play until something works enough to keep doing it.

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Julie Watson said...

ahh, poached eggs are my favorite. they are a bit tricky at first (we had many failed attempts), but after we got it right, it's not so hard anymore. That looks delicious!