Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Beach Vacay

Well, I've been busy- but what's new? If my baby looks like a poor, sleep deprived street child in that first picture- it's because she was just coming off probably the worst sick week we've ever had. She had some type of viral pox or hand foot & mouth disease, plus impetigo infection and strep in her the sores on her body and in her mouth. It sucked. Her body was covered, and her little face... oh :( I'll spare you the pictures. And my husband was in Ireland buying me socks (true story- green leprechaun socks) and so when we made it to the sands of the ocean and met up with my family it felt so nice to be away. I don't get to see my brothers and their wife/girlfriend often so it's such a treat to spend a week with them. Josh arrived later in the week with my older brother and his wife and we had such a great time.

There are no good pics of me, because i hold the camera- but this one awful one seen above after my hell week, and 1st day sunning on the beach. But whatever. I already miss my fam and wish I had another week in the sun talking with my sisters and laughing with my handsome brothers.

Oh-FUN FACT: that pretty red head? If she looks familiar to you, it's because she was one of those child actresses in the 90's movie version of Lassie. Yep- you can look her up- she rolled with Michelle Williams in that movie. After that she was up against Lindsay Lohan for the parent trap... and well though I love the parent trap so much- I'm kind of glad Brit took a different course because... well we all know how poor Lindsay is turning out.


Nicole said...

You have a beautiful family. Your little lady is stunning.

Hailey @ Me and My Boys said...

No way! I think we still own that movie! LOL. I had a tiny crush on that one kid that played the main role. Too funny.
Glad you had a good time with your family!

O Sexo e a Idade said...

Great, great pics; full of color and love :)