Thursday, June 14, 2012

Editorial: Southwestern Modern

I promise you I'm still working on my home tour, as requested. But we had a few random things happen- like a fallen chandelier, that still needs repair. Until then, enjoy some of my favorite bits from my friend's homes.

One of the reason's I love to photograph personal homes & details... is because to me it's so intimate and special to tell a story through a person's living space. I think sometimes it expresses so much more than just pretty imagery. 

So welcome - a details tour of the former home of artist, Sarah Dawn Helser. Sarah has such unique style- like no one I've ever met. She has this modern lightness, mixed with strange patterns, quirky pieces, textures and edges that work together. Her style is always changing and morphing into a new beautiful expression. During this season that I photographed her home, she was experimenting more with texture and color on more clean wall spaces. She actually hand stitched many of those pillows, and both of those amazing chairs- she made them! I know right? I have seen this home take shape in a million different shades and directions- I'm pretty sure this one is my favorite. Sarah uses a lot of selective thrifted items, but incorporates them in a modern way. Now the artist has moved into a quaint little space full of new corners to explore and I can't wait to see her new flavor... and possibly get an editorial shoot in the works... ;) don't you love this space?


Mary Ellen Skye said...

Mmmm! love this stuff! makes me want to redecorate my whole home!

kendra said...

i am going to miss that house.

Heather said...

These photos are beautiful! I love how they're at once bright, but also cool feeling with the white backgrounds. Reminds me of Arizona, and I love that!~

Lorni said...

I want Sarah to be my personal decorator. I love her house!