Friday, December 23, 2011

Old-fashioned Christmas

What is it about old-fashioned things that make me want to live in a different world? I want to be that little girl in the red dress with spilling blonde curls and singing Christmas carols. Sometimes I wonder if what appeals to me in the idea of "old-fashioned" is the non-technology of my grandparents. Writing letters, spending time with your family for a sense of enjoyment, going outside... having a conversation without someone pulling their i-phone out and texting or having the temptation to do the same... I guess what I'm trying to say is that somewhere in my heart- I miss the idea of relationship. Of every day conversation, no tv blaring, no computer screen beaming, Just tactile friendship and communion...

Merry Christmas... may we get better at relationship as our technology increases!


jessie said...

i've thought a lot about this too. had a conversation the other day where i said "and one day when some boy throws rocks at Sparrow's window...." and i got interrupted by my friend who said "no one's gonna throw rocks at her window.....they'll just text her." and i got so sad. rocks at the window was so romantic. what's happened to real human interactions? i'm nostalgic too. there's not much like a hand-written letter, anna. i'm with you.

Charis Hill said...

this makes me emotional..
who are we becoming... waa