Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Eee Bee Etsy

Every time I'd go in my little girl's room after a nap I would say, "Hi Baby" in a cheerful tone. So now when my daughter is excited to see me she says, "Haabeee" that sounds like the word, "happyyy." It's so cute and uplifting to have a little sweetie mumbling "Happee" all over the place. because she says Hey Baby to everything. When I saw this little poster it reminded me of my happy and then I saw the Etsy seller is Eee Bee.

Ok, can I tell you one more thing? This might be annoying if you don't have kids, but she also says, "Hikeee" for "Hi Kitty" a game my mom has on her ipad, and now she calls her self, "Ibeee" for Isabel. All her phrases end in eeeee.

Isn't that cute? Ok, that's all, my cute little bee.

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Charis Hil said...

hah.. i love that.. we should all talk like that.