Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Georgia Inspiration

Images Collected: Georgia Peach Dress, Fresh Peaches, anthropologie bathing suit, bbq & slaw sandwhich by ming thompson. Watermelon Sweet Tea

I live in the South. I grew up with biscuits and sweet tea. and when I say biscuit, I mean the fluffy delicious Southern kind... not an English cookie ;) I'm pretty proud of being Southern, because for me some of the most special things about my childhood had Southern influence.

On my recent trip to Georgia, I was re-inspired by my down South roots, so I made a Georgia inspiration board. I'm kind of thinking Georgians have some of the best southerners there are. (bless your heart Paula Dean.) I have a feeling this has just begun my renewed love of the South and you're gonna hear more about it, and I just learned after 4.5 years that my husband loves my Southern accent, so there you go.



Kristina said...

I will always be a Georgia girl at heart. Except it took moving away for me to realize how much I love it.

Sunday Grant Photography said...

I'm a Georgia girl born and raised! It always just feels right when I cross over that Georgia line.