Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Southern Domestic Day: blueberries and tomato pie.

Ok so first, to let you know, I have the most incredible bridal portrait photo series to show you... and it will be up first thing next week.

Second, we finally have whole blueberries! Our tomatoes and blueberries are just now ready to be picked.

Third, I made a tomato pie, inspired by Callie Acuff.

Unless you grew up in the South, you probably didn't hear of tomato pie. The first time I had it was with my husband's Charlestonian family. (It's his Grandmother, "pokie's", favorite) A friend of mine, Callie, mentioned recently she made a tomato pie for dinner and posted a simple recipe on facebook. Well I couldn't get it out of my head and we were visiting, "pokie" the next day. SO... here's how it goes! (Callie's quick recipe)

I sliced one large beautiful tomato and put it in an unbaked pie shell. I also sliced some baby heirlooms (since I seem to be obsessed with that word) to mix a little different flavor.

Then slice some fresh basil and onion and throw it on the top with some salt and pepper, like a good Southern girl would.

I added Spinach just to try and it worked out real nice... but don't think for a minute that if I weren't eating meat right now I wouldn't have stuck some bacon on there. ;) I feel like I'm writing real country just because of this pie.

Then mix shredded sharp cheddar cheese and mayo in a bowl, sprinkle some dry basil and pepper and plop it on the top. Preheat Oven to 350 (do that first) and then bake about 30 minutes or so.
Frankly, my shredded cheese picture is a little yuck looking so I will leave you with the leafy green photo as the last in your mind.


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