Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adventures in Portland

Isabel & I hopped on a late night plane and headed North to see our new little nephew Fox. I was in Chicago when I got the text with his newborn little eyes staring up at me from my phone. It was so good to be with family; running every day by the water, exploring the island with Isabel, making special cookies at night and eating lobster rolls. My brother took such good care of all of us, greeting us at midnight with a baby on his shoulder and a late dinner he prepared while his wife caught up on sleep. Also, somehow my sister-in-law has a sixpack two weeks after giving birth... ;) I can't express the endless ache my heart felt on this trip, but I'm so glad I could survive by the water. 


jessie said...

beautiful. just beautiful. let's take an adventure together....shall we?

Julie Watson said...

you're so beautiful Anna. lovely photos

Faith said...

Anna, I love these so much! As I looked at them, I was planning to comment with "I love that one of..." "I love that one of...." But then I loved all of them. Isabel is so beautiful, and you are so beautiful, and I love that one of her in the boat, and of you baking together, and I love little Fox. You're amazing. xxx

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