Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Colorful Living Project Vol. ii

Hello friends! I have some exciting announcements coming up this month; some new faces and projects that I'm happy to share and invite you to be a part of, but today I'd like to extend a different opportunity to you. I/we are looking for a few select individuals for content contributors, collaborations, projects, events, workshops etc... It doesn't matter if you are in Tokyo or Charlotte, NC, there are so many openings coming up on THE PROJECT and this might be your time to be a part of them. If you've ever thought you'd like a little space on the internet to feature your passion this is your chance... OR if you have been dying to intern under a stellar photographer, stylist and a few other amazing artists for events, workshops and dinners... OR if you are an established, incredible artist, blogger, musician, whatever... we are looking for you too... We are looking for fresh ideas, so don't be afraid to send your wildness this way. To get more information, start the conversation and fill out an informative application email here: PROJECT US.

And soon I'll introduce more of the "we" and more exciting things you can be a part of.

Until then, let's talk.


Kara said...

This is so exciting Anna. I'd love to have some fun with this!!

Kaci Ariza said...

I'm a designer that would love to be a part.

I've got links to my email and dribbble on there.

I tried to email you at the link but it didn't give me one when I clicked on it.

Jessica Tran said...

if you ever do anything in charleston i would love to help out!

Kristina said...

I can't wait to hear more about this!

Courtney, Honeycomb Studio said...

Hi Anna, I had to share a funny story. I stumbled across your blog from a photo on pinterest and have been enjoying scrolling through when, imagine my suprise, there is Jessie Mathis! My husband, Jim, is childhood bffs with Mark. And then I realize that I must have stumbled onto the blog of the photographer bestie that she's mentioned. Such a small, weird world! Anyway, I thought it was too much of a co-incidence not to say something. Your photos are so lovely. I'll definitely be back to your blog - but intentionally this time! Looking forward to hearing more about this creatives project :)