Thursday, April 4, 2013


I am pleased to announce a new partnership... with beloved Kinfolk. If you are not familiar with this magazine or online journal, you should check it out. They embody everything I believe in; community, food, simplicity and beauty.

Beginning this month, I will be hosting a few Kinfolk workshops & dinners representing the south in Charlotte, North Carolina, alongside a few select cities all over the world. I will post information about the upcoming April 27th workshop/dinner next week and the amazing local talent involved. (Invitations extend to anyone locally or abroad.)

If you are interested in being a part of Kinfolk gatherings in the Charlotte area, send me a note.

Many thanks already to Ginger of Hey Love! Events, for helping me make the first workshop happen.

Charlotte, this is exciting.

Here is a list of the other participating cities.
01. Athens, Georgia
02. Boston, Massachusetts
03. Brooklyn, New York 
04. Charlotte, North Carolina
05. Nashville, Tennesee 
06. Ojai, California
07. Portland, Oregon
08. Salt Lake City, Utah
09. Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
10. Twin Cities, Minnesota
11. Mexico City, Mexico
12. Amsterdam, Netherlands
13. Gemert, Netherlands
14. Istanbul, Turkey
15. Lisbon, Portugal
16. Ljubljana, Slovenia
17. London, England
18. Madrid, Spain (Ana & Elena)
19. Madrid, Spain (WELOVE)
20. Stockholm, Sweden
21. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
22. Cape Town, South Africa
23. Adelaide, Australia
24. Sydney, Australia
25. Fukuoka, Japan
26. Tokyo, Japan
27. Hawkes Bay, New Zealand


Ciara said...

Congratulations Anna, this is very exciting, I adore Kinfolk! Will look forward to seeing more of this beautiful venture...I'll have to convince them to come to Ireland next! ;)

anna naphtali said...

Ciara, I will totally come to Ireland and do one with you! If you're serious, let's talk! :)

kendra said...

aw! that's my friend Jenne rowing that canoe!
awesome news Anna!