Sunday, December 23, 2012

Reading Rainbow

I used to read a lot in college... and by "read" I mean skim stacks of books about religion and theoretical concepts of philosophy. At one point we were reading 6-8 books a week for my undergraduate degree.

So I kind of ruined myself towards books. I got real into self-help books after college, but again, those can only be tolerated so much as well. Until... The Hunger Games. Teen fiction at it's best. I devoured the series last Christmas while getting through the stomach flu. The delusion plus my desire to tear through pages made it a wonderful experience. So now I can't stop... it's the first time in my life I've understood the joy of reading. After all the reading rainbow specials, book clubs, degrees etc... I finally get it. Reading for pleasure, not because I have to, or because I'm trying to find answers to life... but because stories are exciting.

It's so serious, I'm looking forward to next Autumn because the final book of the series I'm reading releases. Am I still cool? Or is this what you do when you are old?

So, I'm taking book suggestions- because my world is brand new and I'm experiencing the sorrow after finishing a series and looking for something else to imagine. If you have any recommendations
send them my way... GO! (p.s. don't like horror or 50 shades)


Kristina said...

I'm totally a sucker for young adult dystopian novels. Lois Lowry is my original fave for that genre (author of "The Giver.) all her books are amazing.
A new series out is The Last Year trilogy (the third book hasnt been released yet. The first of the trilogy is called Whispers in Autumn.
And if you've never read it, A Wrinkle in Time. :) teenage books are the best. I probably should've been a ninth grade English teacher.

Charis Hill said...

Oh- I second a wrinkle in time! Redeeming love- (if you've never read it) also Francine rivers does novellas based on women of the bible... She adds her details to make their stories more understandable... So fiction but based on the bible!!!( so good- and short reads) I'm reading the Night circus right now... I'll let you know how it is ;)