Monday, July 2, 2012

Fredrick B Rentschler's Summer Home (wedding)

Frederick B. Rentschler, World War II Aviator and Jet designer of Pratt & Whitney, owned a German summer home in the forrest of West Hartford Connecticut. In the 1950's he gave his home to a school who's motto is "learning by doing", for 1$ a year annually because his wife believed in education. Today it still remains preserved in it's original Germanic Aviator style but now the grand rooms are filled with children's art and libraries. I was so enamored walking the halls of this "home" now school- I could feel the heritage in the walls. There is something so special about preservation of time and the generosity of new endeavors like a montessori atmosphere with a touch of Hogwarts style learning. Being that my grandfather is fresh from the boat German with a thick accent and a glass eye he lost in the war, the moment I see German architecture I feel kindred. It's kind of strange but some things feel like home because of their essence in spite of their location or assimilation to where you live. For me, being in this place was like stepping into another world - of someone's story, somehow related to mine.

I was so honored to shoot a wedding in such a private historical place that usually doesn't allow open events like this and not to mention the couple and family were so wonderful too. To see more from our shoot and the beautiful Mark & Whitney check it on my photo blog: German Aviator Summer Home Wedding.

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