Monday, October 3, 2011

List 2. (confessions)

1. i started listening to country music (sometimes)
2. i always take the free things from hotels (within moderation)
3. i sobbed through an entire year of "pregnant and 16" when I had a 3 month old
4. i have let my daughter go 5 days without a bath (just once, i promise I'm a good mom)
5. i stayed in my bathing suit for 3 days this summer at the beach (it just seemed right)
6. i exaggerate but do not lie
7. i have painted my bedroom 4 times
8. after watching top model, have practiced my modeling in the mirror and daydreamed of entering the season "petite models"
9. have always hated the word "petite"
10. kicked my husband's guitar once out of anger.


Charis Hil said...

this is funny. :)
youre funny.

Jackie said...

I love these lists! I love how your blog inspires readers to get to know themselves and their passions, and then act on those passions.

Faith said...

I listen to country music every time I'm home. And when I'm homesick.