Sunday, September 18, 2011

Naphtali News

Sometimes I feel caught in the blog world. I began this blog as a personal creative expression a few years ago as I explored what I wanted to be and pursued lots of little creative options including using this blog as a photography expedition and a designer life storyboard, and then it turned into a business venture, then a creative experimental showcase of projects, inspiration etc...

Lately I've been a little overwhelmed with life and I'll explain why the blog has been lagging behind a little.

My husband began 2 new jobs, which is amazing, but a little chaotic and adjusting to our family.
My little babygirl began early preschool and has teeth now! ;)

And I am still a full time wedding photographer and creative projecteer! Book me for your wedding!

You can follow me on Facebook to keep up with this blog and photography projects! FOLLOW ME ON FACEBOOK! ;)

Not long ago I began working with a few sites doing minor social media consulting etc... and about a month ago I began freelancing with an AMAZING television network that's fairly new... and that has been consuming a lot more of my extra creative time... and I LOVE it. It's opened the door for me to combine a lot of things I do into one place including writing, photography etc...

Halogen TV is a socially conscious, empowering television network who's motto is, "Be The Change."
They focus on exactly that... being the change you wish to see in the world. They cover everything from eco-fashion, cultural awareness projects, injustice issues like sex trafficking & child soldiers in africa, to green living and recycle movements, there's also celebrity (socially conscious) news, travel and artistic entertainment.

If you want to see if you get Halogen on your tv go here: Get Halogen They're in 14 million+ homes, so hopefully you can find it in yours'!

You can check out a project I worked on featuring a fashionable upcycling enterprise that helps local refugees get on their feet. I was honored meeting them and getting to photograph their story.

Watch that here! Upcycle Project

Here's a few pictures from a fashion feature that I will post soon!

Not trying to be a salesman, I'm just real excited to get to work with such an incredible company for a while, and I believe in their mission so spread the word.


Josélia Moura said...

Parabéns pelas suas fotos,você é uma excelente fotografa,amoO suas fotos fico aqui babando pelo seu trabalho e pelo seu blog,bjoOs!

Srtª Porfirio said...

Descobri seu blog a pouco tempo mais eu já me apaixonei e mudanças são sempre bem vindas.O que eu curto em um blog é que ele seja pessoal exatamente como o seu está [ou é]espero que as mudanças sejam poucas porque eu realmente curto o blog com o conteúdo atual,bjoOs e sorte linda

Srtª Porfirio said...

Feliz Primavera pra você!