Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where have you been?

Ok... are you ready for a whole bunch of excuses????

So, this has been my schedule lately...

1. I went to the beach with some babies and mommas and it was so FUN (exhausting) but FUN!

2. I returned home and threw a party for my now 1 YEAR OLD daughter! (more to come... it was such a sweet party thrown together, and we were so blessed by all the love!)

3. Cleaned up my back porch and packed my husband's car as he and Isabel head to the beach with me shortly to follow.

4. I have been extreme couponing... ( i know, don't judge me, I'm not going to start wearing mom jeans, I'm just obsessed with how fun it is!) and I've been watching that show,  "extreme couponing".... more on this ( me and a friend are starting a coupon club... seriously stop judging me) ;)

5. I am building 2 new sites! A wedding & photography site for my biznass.

6. I had a phenomenal photo shoot last weekend with some of the prettiest ladies around... which will grace the new site...

7. I am building an online store! That's right it's coming together.

8... Most importantly, it's wedding season, and this weekend is an insanely awesome wedding weekend, and I've been prepping, purchasing, trading and packing my new equipment!

In case you didn't know because of the hodgepodge of design on this site, I am a wedding photographer... I breathe, eat, sleep weddings... and love it!  Having said that, I'm taking my business to the next level! More on this to come....

In light of that, continue scrolling down to the lower post to find out where I'll be in June!

But don't worry, I will TRY TRY TRY to keep up with the blog world better!


Kara said...

Sparrow wailing in that photo just kills me. What a hysterical moment.

Love you and loved spending the week with you!

Lorni said...

I'm not fact I wanna join your coupon club!

Rachael said...

beautiful photos! you have been BUSY!
love it.