Friday, November 5, 2010

Up to some things.

Hello bloglets...

If you're wondering where I've been... I'm working on a new website! And I'm designing it myself- so it's taking me a long time! But I'm pretty excited about it! I'm also working on a little baby hair accessories line that will be gracing Etsy soon... and I'm working on wedding promotions for 2011. (Plus a million other things). So very soon I'll show you my creative work- and I've got a beautiful bridal session and a big fat greek wedding coming up!

In the mean time- look at this funny picture of my grandmother and sweet Halloween giraffe. (You can't see it, but the giraffe is wearing one of my new hair creations... so everyone would know it's a she!)


1 comment:

Charis Hil said...

there are so many perfect things about this photo!
and also cant wait to see the new etsy!!