Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fuentes-Taylor Wedding: Pre- Ceremony!

OK, it's been a while... but I have been a workin' momma! I can't believe Autumn is finally here, but probably because it's still a little sweltering outside. I am honestly most excited about dressing my little girl in little fall hats and gloves, and prematurely showing her how to make Christmas crafts... ok I know it's still September and my little ladybel will just drool and smile as I sew little things for her, BUT that's not what this post is about... (more on this later)

This summer I had the privilege of shooting the most fun and wonderful wedding I have been to in a long time. 8 weeks after my little lady was born I whisked away to New York City to shoot the fantastic Fuentes wedding!

Besides the fact that this couple is adorable in every way, there was so much to enjoy about this wedding... So much, I'm going to have to show it to you in 3 parts...

So take a look at these pre-ceremony shots and stay tuned for more.
I love the rose-gold wedding band Cherie picked out!

Ok, so while the girls were busy getting ready, the bride had a sweet present delivered to her groom... what a good wife already! As you can guess, the groom loves to surf...

This is what the boys are usually doing while the girls are getting ready... (hanging around.) :)

This bride had signs for everything... which I loved.

There is SO much more to see. You don't want to miss it!

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