Monday, October 5, 2009

Luke & Charis Farm Wedding: Part One

Fall is here! Unfortunately I have been spending most of my fall under the covers staying very still, due to recent news and sickness, BUT it hasn't kept me from shooting the most amazing weddings on the weekends! I have been everywhere from farms, gardens, mountains, and downtown cities to shoot these lovely events... and they have been the most beautiful occasions so far!
As the lovely Charis has been gracing the blog for the past few weeks, her wedding is finally ready to view! And what a day this was!
The event was held at Sharon Rose Farm in Greenville, SC. When Charis and her maids walked into the venue someone said, "It looks like an anthropologie catalogue just walked in!"
The ceremony and reception were held in a red renovated horse barn, it was beautiful. It was such a nice mix of rustic farm, elegant chandeliers and vintage flare. I LOVEd it! Look how elegant this space is!

There were mason jars with wild flowers, and baskets of peanuts on cocktail tables as guests mingled and sipped lemonade before the entering the barn!

An old type writer to write notes to the bride and groom, and a sweet bird cage to put them in!

A red bus, provided by the farm, to carriage guests to the wedding!

So cute.

Best groom cannonball I've ever seen!

A little gift for the groom...

Part 2: A chandelier ceremony, a real southern meal, a newly married bride and groom, a cow, and tattoos for everyone, coming up!

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